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Here are  answers to some of the questions we get asked a lot.

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Can you give my engine more power?

Definitely.  With the American V-8 Engine there are many optional horsepower enhancing parts available. Such as:

  • New generation pistons and rings
  • Improved camshaft profiles and induction systems
  • Greatly improved exhaust systems and components

We can incorporate many of these elements into a specially-designed engine for your car, truck or blue car

How much horsepower can I get?

That is a good question. It all depends upon the engine application, and the vehicle or boat the engine is going into.  The horsepower will be determined by the engine design characteristics, the type of fuel being used, and whether it is naturally aspirated or forced induction (super charged).

Do you have components to dress up my engine?

Yes,  There are many new products coming out every year for dressing up engines.  We have many of them in-stock in our show room. Check out our PERFORMANCE LINES page for a partial list of the manufactures who’s parts we carry.

What is your warranty?flame car

For standard replacement engines we have a 3 year or 36,000 mile written warranty.

For many High Performance passenger car and truck engines we have a 12 month High Performance limited written warranty.