Marine Engines

Replacing a marine engine:boat1

If your marine engine is sluggish, there is a loss of power, oil loss, or is rough running or mechanically noisy, you may need to replace it.

The difference between a marine engine and automotive engine:

Marine engines are significantly different from automotive engines.  A Marine engine is an engine specifically designed for the requirements and specifications of a boat.

Westberg Advanced Engines specializes in American made standard replacement and High Performance Marine Engines.


marine motor

Designing a marine engine:

At Advanced Engines, we assess a variety of factors in rebuilding a marine engine – type of cooling systems; drives i.e. props or jet; boat size; fuel type; and performance level.







Standard marine engine vs. Performance marine engine:

A standard engine will duplicate the original manufacturers design and specifications, and a Performance engine is designed and built to enhance the speed and overall torque and performance of the boat.boat2