Machine Shop

kirk big machineThe Advanced Engines Machine Shop is made up of highly-skilled automotive machinists.  What sets us apart from our competition is our reputation for building high quality, custom built, durable engines.

We do all block, cylinder head, crankshaft and connecting rod machine work in-house.

  • We custom bore and hone all cylinders for exact clearance.
  • Cylinder Heads are Magnifluxed. Bronze guides are installed and honed to specific clearances. Valve Seats are machined and individually dial-indicated for extreme accuracy.
  • Each crankshaft is ground to an exact clearance specification for each engine.
  • Connecting Rods are Magnifluxed and resized.



We also offer specialized machine work and blueprint procedures such as:

  • Line Boring
  • Line Honing
  • Deck Milling
  • Indexing
  • Engine Balancingguy on machine